The Mall of Cthulhu

The Mall of Cthulhu - Seamus Cooper I will give one star because the book is funny at times, but everything else is plain ridicoulous. the main character is a pervert, adventurous, mind-scarred individual who saved a lesbiam female fbi agent from a coven/sonority of vampires and together they are trying to thwart the plans of a group of Cthulhu's cultists. So far so good... from this moment the book went downhill to pure cr*p. SPOILER ALERT all characters are comedians. all characters are fervously against every type of descrimination. the author also think that too. Every white character that is talk like a racist or behave like a black... and descrimate womans. Conservators are also christians fanatics and so on and on... each page a description of someone being a white supremacist (inclunding HP Lovecraft... hahaha.. another times another mentalities.. this writer probably is one of those that wanted hucklebarry finn banned from schools BUT are of favour of a Black History Month. This is how the minorities will never grow up or evolve. They are only saying "you cant stand on your own so let us give you this..." Moving forward on the writer political and racial agenda. The rest of the story is boring and it seems to be written by a college boy/girl. The funny parts continue but that. didnt help. The best part is when he was in Ryleh and the meaning of time there.

I would advice this book to a political communist with an interest on Lovecraft... but being a "racist" probavly wont help...

Or else I am mistaken and this entire book is a weak pastiche/satyrical book about hp lovecraft himself... and that will give him a new star.