Antarktos Rising

Antarktos Rising (Mass Market) - Jeremy Robinson This was an interesting book I read in two settings. The first time I didn't felt connect to it. The second time I read it in a row.

The story unfolds after an apocalpyse that changes earth's climate. Antatartica becomes a green paradise and the north hemisphere becomes frozen.

The timeline in my opinion was a little rushed because everything happened quickly. But to my knowlegde everyone knows the earth crust shall change in the nearby future and nobody knows how fast and how long it will take. So no fault there. Imagination.

This books deals with the aftermath of the before mentioned apocalypse and we follow a two or three viewpoints which help the flow of the story.

This story deals with a race to the Antartica from several countries so they can colonize it. Unfortunaly there are somethings that made me what to stop reading and because of it I won't give 5 stars. First all countries are what we know of them without question. The Americans are the good guys (even if they have to do some nasty things to Good prevail, or as the Tau says "For the Greater Good"). The arabs are suicide guys. The chinese comunism is what we think they are. Singleminded and without feelings. The Russians are what american movies portrait of them when they were under the Iron Curtain. The Europeans are dumb and of course they must follow the almighty american people. And so on. Cliches and cliches that made me sick.

The Nephilim are an interesting concept, even the christian references to the flood are. But as I said those cardboard characters are quite bland. (I don't know if this is the term for it).

In the end I didnt' enjoy the all reunion thingy... cliche, and for me I read it as a hollywood script where everything ends alrighty...

But don't get me wrong. Nevertheless it was a good book, apart from the cliches. I shall read Kronos book.