Thirteen Problems (Miss Marple)

The Thirteen Problems - Agatha Christie This was a bit different from Poirot books. First where Poirot is a travalled men who solves the cases based on logic and those little cells he referes; Marple solves her crimes because of similar experiences on her little town that she refers often that she never left.

The stories are small and easily read. Some are easier to understand who the culprit is but others are quite difficult to discover.

Each tuesday several people join and tell tales of mystery that only them know the finale and each participant must make a guess to solve the mystery. OF course this is where the book fails in my opinion (is some way). Each participant is quite dull that never finds nothing (one of them is even a retired from the Scotland Yard) but that lady that never left that small village discovers each and every crime.

If Poirot is quite a character (in some ways almost a perfect detective), Miss Parple it's even perfect. That's the reason I couldn't enjoy the book more, or as much as I love Poirot's. I really hope this is the fault of being a short stories collection.