Blood Red Army

Blood Red Army: - David Bishop Hans, Klaus and Ralf are all brothers fighting the Russians on the Eastern Front for Hitler during World War II. Hans, the youngest, is the most dedicated. Hitler and the Third Reich enthralls him. His other brothers have seen enough of war to know it's not all it's cut out to be. Klaus is a pilot and wonders why Rumanian pilots canopies are black. Ralf in the Panzer finds dead with bite marks on their necks and Hans is an infantry man and sees also strange things while attacking russian soldiers. Klaus ends up in an hospital and sees strange horrific things. The three brothers get together for some times with their companions and conspire against the Rumanians. The end is not final and it continues on book two. This one is on a point of view of a Russian. The other side of the story. Both books are in the same timeline (this second a bit later) but in the different factions of the War. The third book is the reunion and union against a commom evil. The ending of the third book is awful. I would give the overall trilogy 4 but because of the ending I would give 2 stars.