Passage at Arms

Passage at Arms - Glen Cook I read this book in 2008. I remember being a confusing book with strange fiction regarding the navigation of the vessels and other scientific terms. Well for start this novel is set in the same universe as the Starfishers Trilogy (but is a stand alone book). This story is set almost all book aboard a Climber... a ship capable of ascending beyond hyperspace and attacking enemy vessels. To be precise is a Submarine in space. Imagine de famous movie Das Boot but in SF. Well to set you in the universe is simple. Humanity is at war against the Ulant and Ulant is winnig but at least we've got the Climbers. The one thing of this novel as I mention reminds me of a Submarine is the tension that engulfs the crew. I must say that's the good part. The SF not so much. This particular story is told in a point of view of a journalist. Why should you like? Well if you want a Military SF book then this book is for you. If you want a book were the tension and all about the characters then go right ahead. If you want a SF book like Peter Hamilton and such don't bother. 7/10