The Witch Hunter's

The Witch Hunter's Handbook: The doctrines and methodology of the Templars of Sigmar - Darius Hinks A full–blooded and characterful background book about the dreaded witch hunters who inhabit Warhammer’s dark and gothic fantasy universe, the Old World. The book reveals many secrets of the Templars of Sigmar and their bloodthirsty techniques, describing in eye–watering detail how they root out evil and crush heresy. Accompanying the text is wonderful design and fantastically gruesome illustrations. Certainly the grimmest book about the Old World so far!

This is a good background book with a beautiful black leather cover. This book follows the The Life of Sigmar. This book will help the players in Warhammer Roleplay but beware that it doesn’t have rules. It covers everything the witch hunters needs to practise his arts… It covers hunting tests and trials that ensure zealous witch hunting will never be far from paranoia. It covers even weapons to be used and some short-stories (very short) and most importantly how to spot and find sights of chaos taint. It has several chapters covering hunts on witches, warlocks, demons, undead and anyone who may doubt the witch hunter authority.

I would advise you to read this book if you like witch hunters (warhammer or not). I bet you will want to read afterwards Malleus Malleficarum…