The Distant Suns

The Distant Suns - Michael Moorcock, Philip James I am sorry but I didn't enjoy this novel at all. It was by far the worst Moorcock book. Well I have not read that many but I didn't enjoy this one. So we've got a mix between The Black Corridor and Warrior of Mars - but it sucked.

Humanity has come far to destroy our own planet with overpopulation and tension between nations. We've exhausted our own resources so what can humanity do? Send a colonization ship and destroy another planet. Yeah that will work. Stupid premises. Humanity can solve her own problems by escaping them. That's not solving... But it was the sixties so let's go...

We've got Jerry Cornelius and his wife and a fellow scientist were sent to alpha centauri to search for a planet to humanity. They found a planet but it's habitable. After a series of adventures with two factions that lived on that planet - they return home but humanity as already started a war...

I was not pleased how it was handled. Neither Moorcock nor Philip James (a pseudonym) gave this book anything interesting or good. Well - the only good thing was to discover the Immaterium (the Warp) so familiar with the warhammer 40k is probably related to this. They say it is another dimension and people can go crazy in it (which the scientist became).

Overall, the book is readable and with only 180 pages and a few drawings is easible read in an afternoon... but beware of Morpheus embrace... you will feel it.