Konnici na Liriite - Chevalier Du Lys

Za liriite! Za Tshesta! Za Smarta!” The Velikii Kniazz who rode at the forefront of the onslaught, his ensorcelled ebon blade hewing men to the left and cleaving men to the right, his grim eyes gleaming beneath his shimmering horned and plumed helm. The carnage of that first clash was phenomenal. The momentum threw the pikemen into shrieking disarray, and the vanguard of army fell back before the thundering resolve of the Orden attack. The baleful, pikes and spears took their toll upon the Konnici. But even that didn’t stop the mighty cataphracts which tore gloriously into the foremost rank of pikemen. They continue their sprint as nothing had happened. In their pass hundreds of soldiers lay in the ground trampled beneath the horses’ hooves. The sound of bones cracking smothered beneath the moaning of the pikeman. Caught by leprous swords and spears, men and mounts fell screaming to the dusty earth, where they were mercilessly rent and devoured by the slavering swords of the each other side.

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