Bloodspire & Deathwolf

Bloodspire & Deathwolf - C.Z. Dunn, Andy Smillie I am thorn between what stars should I give.

The first story I should give one star. The latter would deserve four. I will stick for two and I will explain why.

The first story Bloodspire by CZ Dunn give nothing and receive nothing. So we've got Blood Angels fighting a Hive City and since is impregnable from below we shall strike from above. The battle scenes are mediocre and the only worthy mention is the response from Tycho when the company master asked why had he chosen to stay below in a diversion when he could have been atop the spire fightning.
The audio is not that great. This story is forgetuful.

The second story Deathwolf by Andy Smillie is a excelent example as how to make a audiobook. The narration is top-notch specially the Dark Eldar voices and the Mandrakes actions. I really enjoy it. The Wolves of Fenris are depictable as flying man that attack from above. My main problem with these piece was the simple way the Dark Eldar were dipatched included Archon Vranak (a female dark eldar).

A few examples of the writing/reading
"Gomor smiled, a wicked, humourless expression, as he watched the bonds of the linear universe fray away like torn silk. The event was invisible to mortal sight, but the mandrake was born of the otherworld. A child of darkness and implausible reality, Gomor’s eyes were accustomed to seeing the unseen. It pleased him that the populace of Luetin would remain unaware of their impending doom. The humans would die as they had lived, ignorant and afraid."

The lucky ones would be rendered down in flesh-troughs to provide sustenance and genetic material for the vile experiments of the dark eldar haemonculi. Others would be tortured in one of the Dark City’s many pleasure palaces, their agonising deaths drawn out to provide soul-fuel for its denizens.

For the price and after, yesterday, listening another weak audiobook my idea of skipping the audiobook range is getting stronger. €15 or €20(like this one) in absurd. 70m audiobook that encompass less than 50 pages is not absurd - is ridicolous. I know there are more people involved but come on. For me it's over. Audiobooks, serialized novels (like scars which bought separetely would surpass €40), ebooks for the prices they are making - is like spitting on the face of the ones who make Black Library who they are. Black Library and Games Workshop SHOULD have more respect for the ones who give them money.

My opinion for this novel alone is: wait for a short story to be release. You won't miss a thing.

Now you get why the two stars.