Malediction - Seán  Barrett, Rupert Degas, Saul Reichlin, C.Z. Dunn With plenty spoilers...
This was probably the best audiobook I listened. Unlike most of audiobooks that I could easily read the story and probably enjoyed more this one I must say, to my regret, that probably wouldn't happen. why?

Because there was something in those actorssss that made me close my eyes and imagine the all thing.

This isn't a Dark Angel audiobook. In my opinion is an imperial guard audiobook with a participation of the dark angels. Why?

This tale happens in two storylines. First, the present, is when Regan Antigone, an retired officer of the Imperial Guard is receiving adulation for is part in the wars. The Second storyline, 25 years before, is when he tells about his part on the tale.

The problem here is that when a Dark Angel appears, first we think, to pay homage to the Imperial Guard he had help in the war asks him to tell the tale yet again.

As he tells his story we are ducking and firing in trenches alongise the trooper. It's quite believable. But after the tale the Dark Angel confronts him saying that somethings in his tale couldn't have happen because a) they were rookies and shouldn't know certain things and b) there was Bolt Pistol and Plasma Pistol shots whereas they had no weapons that could have done that damage. Antigone becomes scared and he is told the corret story, one he was asked never to tell. He tells the Dark Angel that at the last attack of the enemy another Dark Angel with two pistols help the soldiers fight the chaos horde. With his help, almost a godlike figurine, they were able to stop the attack long enough so the Dark Angels could reinforce their position. That space marine asked the troopers never to reveal his presence there or else he would kill them. Two of the troopers died that survive die never to regain conscious and Antigone never told anyone.

Hearing this, the dark angel becomes angry and shot Antigone for treachery. And you ask why? Well probably because the Dark Angel to help the Imperial Guard was no other that Cypher, the fallen angel.

So, in the end... This is a book to anyone who understands the Dark Angel lore or else this audiobook isn't going to make an impact and this raises a question... Who is Cypher? A anti-heroe or an evil with a plan.

Excelent plot. My only question is... Why wait 25 years to confront the guard?