Titan God Machine (Titan 1, 2 and 3)

Titan: God Machine (Warhammer 40,000) - Dan Abnett, Christian Dunn First Titan - God Machine This was my first perpesctive about what a battle with a Titan looks like and I enjoy it a lot. They battle chaos, orks and such other monstrosities and everytime they win. They have also battles against gigantic daemons and other small fiends. But the book is not all about war and carnage. There also the insight about the crew of a Titan and also the mechanics behind it. I really enjoy this book specially the mythos behind the Titans. The people on 40k really believe that they are alike-gods and indeed they are. Probably with a Titan I could conquer a country noawadays. Another thing that I still remember after years of reading is the link between the Princeps and the sentient Titan - Very revealing. I must read Titanicus by Abnett. 9.5/10