Skull Full Of Kisses

Skull Full Of Kisses - Michael West Some of the stories within were quite good. One or another were weak.

Disappearing Act (Introduction by Gary Braunbeck)

Jiki - Short for Jikiwinki is a demon who eats the dead. Nice story about a yakuza with a conscience. A man is drawn to a demon that reminds him of his lost girlfriend. Interesting twist in the end.

The Bridge is a modern tale of ghosts. Weak in my humble opinion. Too amauterish. Too cliche. Too simple (and not in a good way).

Dogs of War - A man's demons haunts his life. What must he do so they can go away? Why did they appear only after the Desert Storm?

Trolling A Story about the sea. Calming sea. When In land why fear the sea creatures? One thing is for sure. I will never touch a woman again without a bit of fear. Ahah (Sorry... :)

Einstein Slingshot is an interesting novelette about time travel. The interesting characters and scenario. A bit predicted in my opinion. Nevertheless I would like to see how Michael West would do with a full lengted novel.

God Like Me - This one is probably one of the best tales in this book. What would you do if you suddently discover that you are omnipotent? What if you discover while your boss is yelling at you? This one should have been a larger story.

To Know How to See - Are you what you appear to be? This one was the weakest story in my opinion.

For Her - A lovestory. A horror love story.

Sanctuary - A story set in the himalayan as a man tries to find cover of snow storm... but those monks...

Goodnight - is a story of a man as he try to console his grandson after the boy's mother dies in a car accident. A good twist in the end.

In the end Michael West talks a bit about each story tellings us how it came to be or what does it mean to him. Quite good. I would love to see more opinions of the writers about the stories they write.

Advisable to anyone. I can now see why Michael West is such a good writer and have so many good reviews on his books. I will definetly read more from him.