Let the Galaxy Burn (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

Let the Galaxy Burn - Marc Gascoigne, Christian Dunn Almost of these stories were presented on the first anthologies they printed (Dark Imperium, Words of Blood and Into the Maelstrom. I have yet to read Words of blood but I won't be reading it from here because the font is too small for my feeble eyes. Of course they added a few so everyone needed to buy. They are divided not in books but on themes which is nice.

Unforgiven - Graham McNeill is another story about the neverending hunt for the fallen dark angels. As you all know they hunt their fallen brethern fervoulsy and above about anything else. That's what make them interesting. This story is nice but it's nothing from out of this world 6.5/10

The Fall of Malvolion - Dan Abnett - Now this is a story. It's one of those stories that can make you buy a book just for it. It's a story about some imperial forces who are trying to evacuate the world of Malvolion. The last two pages are one of the best written pages I've read from 40k. 30 space marines from the Lamenters chapter fall on the planet to help the imperial guard and if in the beginning they start to turn the tide the end if beautifully portraited. Nothing can stop the Great Devourer. It was nice to see the image that the IG have of Space Marine. God-like unstopabble killing machines. The ending is perfect. This is another story that tells us why Dan Abnett is the best writer in Black Library and shouldn't never stop writing fiction for it. 10/10.

The Tower - C S Goto - This tale as odd but suprising good. In one part we follow a sanitiser in his day by day at the tower where he works. It's another good detective/psycological story. It was interesting to see the daily life and also how the system works. 8/10

Pestilence - Dan abnett - Another great tale by Mr Abnett. In these tale we follow Higher Administrator Medica Lemual Sark as he travells to an asylum hoping to find a cure to a plague. This is another great tale and I don't know why but as I read it I was reminded of Shutter Island. 9.5/10

Suffer Not the Unclean to Live - Gav Thorpe - This was an different story. We follow the life of a preacher in a world were slaves are mutants. This preacher goes to the settlements to help the needed and there he makes aquaintence with an rebel who wants to make a revolt because they are dying of a plague. It's quite nice story and the ending was also quite good. One think that I wonder is that all other books the preachers, holy man of the Imperium, are always distrustful of mutants and even ogryn are seen with suspicious. It's nice to see that here that don't apply. In the end this story was nice reading. 7.5/10

Playing Patience - Dan Abnett (Whem I read Ravenor)

Would I advice this book to anyone? Yes. This book is a good start to anyone who want to enter the warhammer 40k world. It's got Imperial Guard, space marines, chaos marines, inquisitors, eldars, tyranids, orks etc... Almost ever single race is presented here. And one thing is for sure... you can make your own asset if the Imperium of Man are the good guys, bad guys or... grey. That's the real treat to anyone reading warhammer 40k. Everyone thinks something different of it....