MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror (Meg)

Meg - Steve Alten Some minor spoilers ahead...
This book is a summer read on a beach. Megalodons on the loose.

The beginning as a T-Rex is being eated by a Megalodon. Don't know if it would happen since T-Rex were extinct at 65 milions years ago and early fossils from megalodons have at most 28 million years. So....

Well besides the "technical" detail that's okay. Nice paced narrative. I must say to it's defense it's 343 pages are ever flowing. Quick narrative. Like a movie script.

Our hero, Jonas Taylor a deep sea expert, and world's most famous expert on the Megalodon is called to fix some sensors in the Mariana Trench. The same one that made him loose his job after killing two fellow coworkers as he panicked after seeing a Megalodon and rising to quickly to the surface. But you must control your fears so he tries to help the japanese billionare and with the help of the japanese son he dives into the deep sea where he again finds his arch-enemy but this time he rises to the surface.

From this moment on, you've got a megalodon that kills people, whales, destroys submarines, boats (small and medium sizes) attacks helicopters (flying in low orbit, of course).

There is also romance in this book but poorly made. His wife is a slut that sleeps with everyone. I expect some boob girl showing her breasts a couple of times and so on. And the daughter of japanese billionaire falls in love with a men that she previously despise. One time they are fighting and in another chapter they are in bed. Poorly done my friends.

The last part of the book (entitled Hell) is Jonas inside the Megalodon. Wtf man?

Would I advice you to read this book? Yes, if you are going to a beach and like the movie Jaws.

"Perhaps of all the monsters, the giant shark is the most enduring. It incorporates virtually every element that we require of our mythological sea beasts: great size, mysterious habits, verified anthropophagous inclinations, and a history that goes back to the beginnings of recorded time. More than Leviathan, more than the sea serpent, more than the Kraken, Megalodon may be the ultimate monster."

- Richard Ellis, Monsters of the Sea