Virus  - Sarah Langan It's more of 2,5 stars but since Goodreads is against half things I will give 3.

I will start from the beginning...

This story is a psychological thriller with horror influence for the most part. The last one hundred pages it turn to a Zombie Apocalpyse with Crazy-People Narratives. That was it. The last hundred pages are the reason I am giving 3 stars instead of 2. That and the innovation in zombies. In this book zombies are not the same as other books. They are a collective hive (like Stephen King's Cell) with a leader that remains a individual conscience and at the same time a collective conscience. A virus with a brain. Quite good. I really like feeling Sarah Langan gives us with this book as we don't know nothing about the outside world of Corpus Christii village. What is happening to the world? What is happening in the nearer villages? What are the CDC and army doing? We don't know!

We've got some good characters. We met Lois Larkin, a school teacher who just broke off her engagement (not for own choise) and the marital life of Meg and Fendstad. And at the end we've got Danny the brother of the one who start it all

Another interesting thing was the narrative that at times becomes ramblings of thoughts of crazy people. Unreliable narrators.

My main problem is the closeness of this kind of writing with Stephen King. Unfortunally I really didn't get it. Most talks were one sided and at times they just felt wrong reading. Maybe its me but, this review is mine, right?

The other problem with this book was the lenght. There was entire chapters that could have been cut off, or at least halved, mainly the first two hundred pages.

The ending... I enjoyed but that the same time I was... what a heck? All for this? No insight on the world? Is going to be a third novel with the survivors? Maybe a third novel is on the horizont...

Another star for Sarah Langan that make me wanna puke, literally, is a particular disturbing scene of a killing of a baby rabbit...