The Shining

The Shining - Stephen King Why only three stars?

This book is suppossedly the best Stephen King book or at least the one that drove him into stardom. Unfortunally to me it is overrated. Don't get me wrong. It's a excelent book but in the movie we get the feeling of the hotel and of Jack Torrance and Danny. In the book... It longs to get somewhere. Some parts add to understand why Jack acted as he acted and Danny's "Shine" but nevertheless in the end, in my opinion it dragged. This book should had no more than 300/400 pages.

Is it a scary/horror book? Meh. It's more of a psychological transformation story.

I won't delve much to it because everyone either saw the movie or read the book.

To get a small synopsis. "See how a hotel with a history of violence and decay helps some wannabe writer to be what his father was but to a greater extent. See how a boy is special and a woman is a dumb lady that sticks side-by-side with a man who clearly is a drunk bastart". Yeah I know, different times.

Undoubtly this book will be one of those books people will read in fifty years as we read gothic novels.

With 3 starts. Would I advice it to you? Yes. May not be my favorite King's book but it's his trademark.

Will I read more of his books? Of course. After all I bought all the books and besides draging in each story he knows how to write and make a plot. I just ask to cut the small talk.