Phantoms - Dean Koontz "At last a book by Koontz that make you shiver. I am enjoying the dread behind the book, the unknown enemy... My only problem as all Koontz books are his characters. Always unrealistic perfect role models. The 14 year old that behave as a much older person, the harlem black officer who overcame everything or the sheriff who is a widower, knowing all perfect man..."

This was one of my entries when I was half the book. True true true...

Dean Koontz it's a great writer, no doubt about it. If he was not a good writer he wouldn't be a new york times bestseller for most of his publish books in the last twenty years. So, one must give him credit.

World bulding creation? Excellent.
Ancient Enemy creation? Excellent.
Eerie feeling reading the book? Excellent
Characters creation? Not so great
Finale? Disappointing

Koont's endings are the worst part of any of his novels. Why? Because everything ends well, the characters get in love and even if they surpassed unspeakable trials they get unscathed and unscarred. Thank god there is no dog in this book to save the day.

Our main characters are almost perfect godlike beings as I said before. The Enemy of the characters is the right opposite and of course totally evil, and of course it makes a mistake and bang, Good triumphs. It's anti-climatic. Anti-real. This is why, Koontz will never be bigger than Stephen King.

I won't stop reading his novels, that's for sure but as always I will start a new novel with the realization that I am not going to enjoy the end.