The Laughter of Dark Gods (Warhammer Novels)

The Laughter of Dark Gods - David Pringle This book was the compilation of three anthologies. Ignorant Armies, Wolf riders and Red Thirst.

The Laughter of the Dark Gods - William King
The Reavers of the Dead (Charles Davidson)
The Phantom of Yremy (Brian Craig)
The Other (Nicola Griffiths)
The Song (Steve Baxter)
Apprentice Luck (Sean Flynn)
The Light of Transfiguration (Brian Craig)
The Spells Below (Neil Jones)
Cry of the Beast (Ralph Castle)
A Gardener of Parravon (Brian Craig)
The Tilean Rat (Sandy Mitchell)

There are some differences from the older books from Baxtree and Black Library. First was a Timeline with some important characters on this book and events. Then there were plates and drawings from great artists like Adrian Smith, Martin McKenna, Bob Naismith, Dave Gallagher (some of them made similar drawings to the Fighting Fantasy. As you can see from the myriad number of authors on this anthology we have here some important writers like William King, Jack Yeovil (Kim Newman famous from books like Anno Dracula series or Back in USSA), the prolific Brian Craig (Brian Stableford author of Hooded Swan aka Grainger, Daedalus Mission, David Lydyard (Werewolves) or Emortality and other dozen books and hundreds short stories), Charles Davidson (Charles Stross author of Accelarando and Glasshouse), Sean Flynn (Paul McAuley, author of Four Hundred Bilion Stars), Nicola Griffith (a female writer and one of the few who ever wrote for BL) and the most famous Steve Baxter (Stephen Baxter author of Time Ships, Xelee Sequence, Nasa trilogy Destiny's Children, Flood and Ark or Anti-Ice)

Short Stories
Geheimnisnacht - William King (Trollslayer) (Review here rather weak review) The first tale of the icon of Warhammer Fantasy Gotrek and Felix. Excelent! 9.5/10

The Reaver and the Dead - Charles Davidson In these tale we learn about how woman are seen in warhammer world. It's strange tale about two healers but nothing spectacular. Easily forgettable. 6/10

The Other - Nicola Griffiths This tale follows two characters, apprentice healers, and it's a tale that gives some importance to women in the warhammer world. Not the usually tale because in the medieval time women didn't had much power but yet it was a nice tale. Nothing exceptional. Noawadays another tale that wouldn't go far. 6/10

Apprentice Luck - Sean Flynn In these tale it remind me of old Wizards of the Coast short stories campaign. A bored teenager stumbles on the reoad to become a mage. Magic Spells, Wizards, Dungeons and a treasure quest. A good tale 6.5/10

A Gardener in Parravon - Brian Craig was one of the most interesting tales on these three books. A bizarre garden, strange dreams of flying cratures, mystery and a strange boy who loves the garden. Quite nice tale. A typical Brian Craig short story. These tale is on Bretonia so it must be good. 7/10

The Star Boat - Steve Baxter we follow Erik, the Were as he travels north with a Slann to find a boat. We learn about the Slann and where they came from. Tottally against the canon noawadays. Erik was nicely done but nothing spectacular. Nevertheless a nice story. 7/10

The Ignorant Armies - Jack Yeovil (Silver Nails) (Yet to read)
The Laughter of the Dark Gods - William King it's the title for the compiliation of three anthologies so you know it must be good. And it is. William King is the... well... King (sorry the pun). Excelent story about a man's descent into the dark life of a chaos warrior. As he battle onwards towards the Gates on the Chaos Wastes he finds adverseries and friends and most important his changes. Nice story and to my humble opinion it should had more 250 pages. A full lenght novel would be great. I wonder if those C L Werner novels about the Chaos Gods are somewhat related to this one (in stytle). Excelent story. The best on this anthology and in my opinion the best from all the first three anthologies. 10/10

For the price of a used copy of this three anthologies unless you are a die hard fun like myslef you better stick yourself with The Laughter of the Dark Gods.