Area 51: Nosferatu

Nosferatu - Robert Doherty, Bob Mayer his was my first book by Robert Doherty. Afterwards I understood that this book was just one of the series of Area 51. Fortunally it could be read as stand-alone... Well I enjoyed the book but it didn't make me want to order other books. If I found it on a store I would buy it but not order it.

This book starts nicely and gives us an introduction of few elments for the series and the history behind it interested me. I think that is one of the most important things on a book. The background..

We get to know about the aliens Airlia and the story in the past and how they shaped our history. Our main history is Nosferatu and we learn how where they created (bred) just for they could awake and feed on human blood and it turn fed upon the gods. We learn about the love that Nosferatu held with Nekhbet that was sentenced to a living death inside her tube. From this moment on this book turns into a love story (a race to get his love) and the agenda of another one called Vampyr.

The all love story and the sadness of being apart is very well portrayed. We feel like Nosferatu feels (or as the author wanted us to feel).

It is recommend for anyone who life Robert Dohery novels and anyone who likes vampires and want to read a different way of making them.