The Iron Throne (Birthright)

The Iron Throne (Birthright) - Simon Hawke The last book I read was The Iron Throne. From birth, Michael Roele has been destined to rule the Anuirean Empire. Forces within his domain, however, conspire to challenge his right and claim his power for their own. This was the last one I read but the first ever written. In the war torn empire all try to achieve the title of emperor upon the death of the current, aging emperor. The one direct descendent is missing and another takes over the role as emperor. Once the descendent is found alive, another round of the civil war begins. The result has a lasting effect on the empire. The background of the nation is overly detailed which in my opinion was very important since I never had played the original game. Only the computer. Once the civil war begins, the book accelerates at a rapid pace. After the civil war, a former human named Raesene but now transformed monster named the Gorgon, has his own plans for the empire. Once the Gorgon starts employing members of the empire to achieve his desires, another war soon ensues. The Gorgon also causes some internal strife among major players within the empire. Our main viewpoint character is Aedan Dosiere, the playmate of Michael Roele, who is to grow up to be his high chamberlain. We see how the Archduke Boeruine treacherously betrays him, leading to an 8-year civil war, and how Michael's sister, Laera, turns to darkness in a manner that will lead to the destruction of the empire at the hands of its greatest threat, the Gorgon.
The ending, while a bit surprising, is presented well and does leave the door open for a sequel. 8/10.