This World We Live In (The Last Survivors, Book 3)

This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer Joint Review with The First book:

s you all know I love a good book about apocalpyitic-fiction. This was a bit different from my usual reading. The first book reads as 16 year old girl's journal. The third book follows Miranda journal and the "hero" of the second book (which I did not read because it did not felt quite right in the preview). Since we don't need to read book two I jumped to book three.

The story follows a girl life before but mostly after an apocalyptic event that changed life on earth. An asteroid struck the Moon and made it closer to earth. Due to that aproximation there were some cataclysms like huge tidal waves or volcanos erupting that engulf all earth. Our main character Miranda starts as an normal teenager preocupied with boys and homework and such. After that event everything change and we see her change... and that is the key plot for all novel. Something worth reading about... one odd situation was a "green" fresh start. Even after all the chaos people remain somewhat civic and the governmant still helps them... that's not usually what happens. Usually it just ignores the little people or colapses alltogether.

The book is written in such easy way that you read a chapter after another just wainting to the end... and the end was quite good. It in own was an ending and to me it would be the perfect ending.

Well my first impression of the first book was... "Well, that's quite a read..." ; the third book... "Meh, If I did not read this book I would be happier and with a good impression of Susan Pfeffer abilities..."

I say this because focus more on that relation of both protagonists an unfortunaly everything is disgraced in the end. What were those "Safe Towns"? What a heck? Bah.. And the cat died. It was the only character I did like in the third book where everyone was behaving so different from the first one. They changed a lot in their first year (first book) but the second they were different persons. In overall I would give the series 7.5 but only because of the first book.