The City Machine (Daw #24)

City Machine - Louis Trimble This book was a small book I read in a couple of days. I wanted a fast book and for that I use DAW yellow books. This one was not an exception. This book is set in a distant world colonized by humans aeons ago. They live in high cities like the Necromunda from Warhammer world. Big buildings that harbour thousands upon thousands of people. They are called City Machine. This technology has been lost through the ages because nobody can read the original language. Our main character Ryne a former Lower (from the lower part of the city) descended from the last persons who could read the old language and now he lives in the Middle. Higher you get, higher in the society you are. So the poor in the Lower parts and Higher the rich. Meanwhile he is contacted from a group of lowers led by Laszlo who locate the original City Machine and texts and wants a person who can read so he can build a new City Machine for the Lowers. But there is someone who doesn't want them to leave called the Coordinator (a bureacratic guy from the Middle city) Here the Coordinator have a plan to destroy Laszlo's. Ryne is undercover and blackmailed because the Coordinator have Ryne's girlfriend. The end was predictable and I didn't enjoy the book that much. Around 140 pages is to small a book to function that well. In my opinion the premises of this Hive Cities are great and he tried to give us a lesson of political about the unreachable Uppers, the bureacractic Middles that do the Uppers work and the poor Lowers who do all the dirty work. The writer has an opinion of Comunism and he's got no problem saying it.