Peril at End House (Poirot)

Peril at End House - Agatha Christie This was the fourth book I read by Agatha Christie. The eleventh in three years. If my favourite were the Murder on the Orient Express or Ten little Niggers and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd there are others who dissapointed me. Sittaford Mystery was one of them, The Big Four another and this one is the middle.

This book yet again we see Hercule Poirot and Hastings (and in the end Japp). We get to see again the supernatural interest of Agatha Christie as the previous one (Sittaford Mystery). This one didn't bother me and it was a pretext to make the killer appear.
The story is simple. As Poirot and Hastings are resting they get into a investigation to protect a young girl in distress. We are presented along the pages with several probable assassins. Most of them don't have any motive to kill her so as the pages go on I had to guess. And I have yet again failed. This was one a little tricky and I think that's why he is the master detective right?
I have to start seeing the series as I read the novel. Maybe that way I will find out before Poirot who the killer is. Right? Next book is Lord Edgware Dies.