The Descent

The Descent - Jeff Long I love being sucked into new worlds created by authors, and this is one of them. This is the first Jeff Long book I have read, and I have also the sequel Deeper: A novel and Year Zero in the near future.

The writer knows what he is writing about. Those carverns look scary and very well described. The underground world and society are very well described. The subterranean journey far beneath even the ocean floors is fantastic, scary, and interesting. The psychological changes the party go through are excelent descbired and vivid. He even had me looking over my shoulder for the Hadals.

The novel follows the events surrounding the discovery and exploration of a vast labyrinth of tunnels and passages stretching throughout the sub-surface of the entire world, inhabited by several species of alternately-evolved troglobitic hominids.

This novel had some interesting characters. With some pages to dwelt the writer created a few characters that were believeble and at same time interesting. Usually you have one or two good characters and the rest are unidemensional (that's the term?) but on this book you don't have that. The writer also dwelt on the creaton of the ecosystem and also on the Handals. Even the evil characters are believeble. The part of the Roman Catholic and the Beowulf Circle gave another view to all the exploration of a sub-spieces and ecosystem. The ending was quite good and it was good on his own. It didn't need a sequel but probably I'm glad that there is.

I am a person who like to read but when I am confronted with large books I get scare. Just to get a picture I only read 13 books larger than 500 pages in the 360 books I read from 2005. This last three and half years I read 274 books. Only 6 were bigger than 500 pages. So as you can see If I read this book with more than 500 pages and in only 5 days you can see how I like it. There is also a movie with the same name but I strongly advice you not to see it. It's got nothing to do with this with the sole exception that it's underground and there are some savages beings there. There are far better movies out there with these theme.