Necromancer - Jonathan Green Necromancer deals with an interesting story of the ways of the necromancer.It starts has Father Ludwink a priest of Moor of 55 years old that comes into a cell where he was summon by another Brother of the order, Brother Matteus Oswald. The priests of Moor have the duty to easy the burden and make the passage from this life to the other more easily.The priests of Moor are used to be the confessors of the near-death. Even if that is not their work. Brother Matteus Oswald begins to told his story and begins telling his real name, his profression and his age. Deiter Heydrich a necromancer with 213 years.The story he is about to tell begins with his coming to the town of Bögenhafen to study the arts of physician. There he meet his roomate Erich Karlsen an student with several complains with the teaching methods of the Doktors. In school he befriends Leopold Hanser. He then becomes the personal pupil of the Headmaster Doktor/Professor Theodrus.He then learn about the Tale of the Corpse Taker. And after some several ocurrences he becomes interesting in the art of necromancy but not with the vile person he thinks of it. He wants to make people live longer, probably never die. He find a doktor The plague comes to the town and allows him and his friend Erich to learn more with dead corpses. Heydrich talk to a madman who seems to know about necromancy and lives in fear that the necromancer will come for him. Afterwards the templars are summon to the town to take care of this problem of body snatchers and they think Heydrich is behind this. But there is a turn of events and the madman is convicted for heresy. The friend of Heydrich founds him and Erich doing some expriments and Heydrich kills him and make expriments on him. The loving sister that Heydrich loved so much passed away, and Heydrich comes to a dilemna of raising her or not. But in the end he couldn't do it.Meanwhile Doktor Drakus, who is the man behind the plague and the necromancy practise, and the man Heydrich and Erich had spied before, reveals himself that he from time to time, change bodies with an healthier person. He tries to do it on Heydrich but is unsucceful. In the end we return to the confession where the father Oswald is taken aback from all events. In the end the real reason Heydrich was doing this was to take the father body and so he did.

About this book.. Well this was a different type of book. It had that sence of doom and gothic tales that we are accoustumed in warhammer but it was it. There was little or no action, not that it can't be good. It can. But I think the book should had something more. If I didn't know I would say that this was the first book of a series. Because the question is made. What happen to him in that 200 years. Well on the end I must say that It was the book I liked less in all warhammer fantasy set. But If you like a story where you can see a character development and the beggining of the necromancers I would advice it.