The Sandman, The Dream Hunters

The Sandman: The Dream Hunters - Yoshitaka Amano, Neil Gaiman This was a great novella to read. What a story and most important and beautiful... the drawings. Simply magnific. I really love them. Amano is one of my favourite artists being a reader of Vampire Hunter D and having a couple of Art books by him.

Everyone knows The Sandman right? So I am not going to dwell on that. This is a tale that could be a fable from the old ancient Japan.

The King of All Night's Dreaming was my favourite character and it really made me dream. The story is quite beautiful and one that everyone should read about it. Love & Revenge. Bittersweetness is the keyword.

It all begins with a wager between two animals. The winner would take a monk's temple. But the monk is not fooled and the fox become in love with him. Then the fox goes to great lenghts to protect the monk and vice versa; going even to Morpheu's dreamland.

This is one of those tales that you could read it all in one sipping before going yourself to Morpheus's realm.