Space Hulk: The Novel

Space Hulk: The Novel - Gav Thorpe This is the companion book of the Space Hulk Boarding game. It depicts the in-fighting of Blood Angels Terminator two squads against a an alien races called Tyrannids.
This book was done perfectly. Better was impossible. I had read the stories of each character on a White Dwarf magazine and then reading this book was the culminate of a great Story. There are great characters here and I really hope that we could see more of them (some of them since some died)

Gav Thorpe grabs the game concept and writes a good story. The tension is the most important trait of the game and the book didn't failed there. Will the marines accomplish their mission? Will all of them live? Can they do it before time runs out? He (the author) switchs the action between the two squads and builds a tension until the end. Gav as you knows have written the famous Last Chancers (about a penal squad) and one of the most mythical books calle Angels of Darkness.
In the end it was a good book and a good companion of the game. I really loved it and the only thing that I think could be improved would be the ending. As the other companions books they suffer from a rushed ending (but still this was the better one).
Gav Thorpe now is penning a trilogy depicting the fall of elven nation with Malekith and the next book for 40k will feature Eldar. He is also releasing a book for Angry Robots company.