Vermintide - Bruno Lee I had received this book and read it right way. I thought that we could enter the mind of Skaven and the main characters were the skaven but it wasn't. We see some parts where we can see the human side and others the skaven.

The main story is this.. We've got skaven stealing dwarvish machines which are held in the empire museuns. We don't know straight away what is their plan but later we learn that the skaven are trying to get the humans and dwarves fight each other.
We've got a plausible but very one dimensional main character. Well... the story unfolds quickly and the book is very easy to read.

The end was my least favourite part for two reasons.. first we see a areal combat. I didn't like it. I mean.. don't get me wrong but for me fantasy we stick in the ground or in air with the help of dragons or such but to have semi-helicopters with machine guns and ballons which remind me of the zeppelins was too much for me. Sorry Mr Bruno Lee. This is not a fault on you but on the world of course...

The second thing is the plot itselfs.. what a hell happens to Rudolf Alberich? He is a treachorous bastard (lol) .. is he arrested? Does he flee to the underworld among the rats? I don't know.. What happen to the fragile Elector count Graf Alberich?

Oh well... nevertheless it is a good book for reading specially for those with Skaven "personalities".