Heart of Rage (Warhammer 40000)

Heart Of Rage - James Swallow These tale follows a discovery of a tyranid bio-ship by the Imperial Navy and since it's valuable item in the war against them they call the Blood Angels. Our main characters are Brother Librarian Nord and Brother Sergeant Kale. From the beginning we learn that not all things are what it seems and someone knows more than they are telling them. After hearing these story I want to start digging in on the books he wrote. This story is more that Space Hulk adventure. We learn more about Blood Angels and their genetic taint.

The narrator and every character was voiced by Toby Longworth and he try to give them each own voice and maneirism but it was confusing. The sound-effects are good and not overdone as other books tend to do.

If you follow Blood Angels or 40k for that matter then listen to this audiobook but I think it's better to read it. And from what I know it's avaiable through BL Print on Demand book.