Blood and Thunder: v. 2 (Warhammer 40,000)

Blood and Thunder: v. 2 (Warhammer 40,000) - Dan Abnett;Ian Edington he second tale is called Blood and Thunder. This is a tale of Orks one of the most interesting because we learn a bit of Orks culture. This tale is set on a planet where the orks are attacking the empire defended by the Tallarn. Ths tale begins as the orks attack and destroy a fortress and capture one of the humans. This human was full of snot and so the Ork leader appreahanded thinkiing that he was his lucky charm. During the chapters we learn of the orks culture as they fight among themselves and against others. We learn of their supersitions and their weapons. It was an interesting tale. The only problem was that sometimes I couldn't read their lines. They were so changed that it was difficult to me to read. Maybe an american or english can read it but I couldn't. This tale ends as it began. With orks fighting humans. There is also three small tales. The first is about the coming of the orks into a medieval-like planet and the deliverance of the space marines. After defeating their opponents the space marines left. In the end the people of the planet were more afraid of the angels.. The Second tale is one of despair. A Space marine left in a battlefield asks for help from the emperor. It's quite nice. The third is another black templar story.