The Kauyon

The Kauyon - Andy Smillie, Toby Longworth, Christian Dunn, Howard Carter I really enjoy this audiobook. Probably my favorite by far albeit some minor things that made me think I was playing the Fire Warrior game where I could kill everyone with a single fire warrior.

The first story is a tale about a pathfinder as he tries to revenge his squad. With flashbacks it was a nice tale and I really enjoy reading about the Tau and their technology advance. You don't need to be an expert in the game to know that a pathfinder could destroy three tanks, two walkers, kill a squad of space marines, a space marine captain (sergeant?) and put on rout a squad of hard fought cadians. Like I said - I thought I was playing the Fire Warrior game. Some other flaws only players would catch. There is a review on this book that he talks lengthily about that. It's a very good review.

This flaws in a share-world can destroy completely a writer. Look at CS Goto reference in the other review. The writer was mocked in everything he wrote... then one day he stopped writing. Every forum made fun of him... There is also a rulebook guy (I don't play the game so I don't memorize their names) that is not that famous with gamers as well.

Nevertheless - for a guy who just want to read a piece of fiction of a world we love - and is not a Space Marine fan - is a great read.

The audiobook edition I heard had a second story and it was perfect story of a fire warrior as he try to gain time so the earth caste could leave the planet. Perfect in every way. Small and simple.

The Tau are truly unique character with some communist/fascist ideologies. They are an Utopia for some. The Greater Good is a goal humanity should pursuit. Of course retaining our unique personality but at the same time having in mind the Greater Good of humanity. The Tau Greater Good is of course impossible - because each of us are unique - I imagine what would happen if ants had large brains... they would be Tau. For the Greater Good!