Iron Devil

Iron Devil - C.L. Werner, Joe Absolom, Gareth Armstrong, Michael Fenner, Luke Thompson, Samuel Gunn, Simon Slater Well this book was one I had some interest because:
1- It was written by CL Werner
2- I thought it was in Orks perspective (if anyone could do it, it would be him).

The second point was not true but I didn't mind. I really enjoy the story about the remaining 37 soldiers of the Cadian 267th. They travel the toxic deserts of Sanzu and came across a Adeptus Mechanicus facility where a few isolated tech priests are conducting some secret research. There they fight a big ork called Morkanaut. The equivalent of Dreadnought of the Space Marines but with an ork within it.

The most interesting part was undoubtly the first twenty minutes. The ork attack, the toxic sand storm, the march throughout the desert and the discover of the facility. From that moment on was more or less the hunting of the ork machine or vice-versa.

Nevertheless a good story and a good conversion into a audiobook.