Proper Gauge

Proper Gauge - Hugh Howey This is the second novella that gave birth to Wool. In this book we follow Mayor Jahns and Deputy Mames as they travel downards into the bowels of the silo so they can interview a candidate to sheriff position.

Along the way we see those two characters developed much more than the first novella and we see how the Silo works and lives. For what I gathered it has more than 140 floors that took them two days from up to botton.

It was also interesting to meet our new character. She is a mechanic and rather enthusiastic girl who sees engineering as her group. I say this because, for what the author describes us is that there isn't that much mingling between the floors which adds a little more to the realistic feeling of a apocalyptic fiction where everyone knows his place for the system to work.

The ending was not at all predictable. I was like that emoticon :O --- yeah. That was me. I am going to read the next novella in the near future. Top notch Herr Hugh Howey.