Killer Crabs

Killer Crabs - Guy N. Smith I was tempted in created a new bookshelves called something like "How NOT to write a book".

If you are a woman then you shouldn't read this. There was only a woman and every single scene she was in - she was on someone like a dog on a bone... The last scene she enters there was no "action" but we were told she was a money grabber that the police was after.

Then you've got several other male characters - who were always "on" the woman (yeah she was taking turns...) or they were something manly.

The plot its simple, you've got yourself a paradisiac isle where some woman screws you but unfortunally you the crabs (the animal) are there and they are big and armoured - so armoured that rifles, cannons and even bloody ships can harm them. They are that strong. For those who understand me: Space Marines should wear that for an armour.

So, the crabs kills people, destroy ships - but not those of wood... those with metal like a bloody battleship but then the main character who was in the first book - sorry I forgot to tell you this was part two - discovers something that can kill them and voila. You've got 160 pages of pure crap.

I rarelly, if ever think... why am I wasting my time on this book but this is a first... I had to read it all. I really wanted to know if something worthy came out, but alas I was wrong.

If you want to read fast paced book with crabs as villains, or people for that matter - then read it at your own peril.
If you are a girl - then stay back. This is a book that will make you hate a man. Even if I must add - this book was written in 70's where some writers wanted to entertaint some particular genre of people. In this case young men who want to possess a beautiful perfect two-breasted girl (and she enjoys it too - even when someone forces upon her).

Crap - pure crap - mega crap