Black Library 15th Birthday Collection

Black Library 15th Birthday Collection - Dan Abnett, Sarah Cawkwell, Andy Smillie, Nick Kyme, Christian Dunn, Darius Hinks, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, David Guymer, Nik Vincent, David Annandale, Graham McNeill, Joshua   Reynolds, John  French, Rob   Sanders, L J Goulding As with all of this short-short stories, they have one thousand words, which give us 5 or 6 pages per story. With each tale for 0.99 I don't think that half this stories are worth that. Sorry... They are so small that most of them feel rush...

- Kill Hill - an Iron Snakes short story by Dan Abnett
This was an interesting short story that brought my mind to brothers of the snake. It's a prequel of some sorts with Priad. Advisable to read.

- Immortalis- a Flesh Tearers short story by Andy Smillie
Well, Andy Smillie really enjoys his Flesh Tearers. Here we follow a space marine as he passes several stages... First victim of Red Thirst then entombed on a Dreadnought. Yet again, too rushed. This tale could have been 20 or 30 pages and way better. Being on first person perspective was not a good choice (IMHO).

- Only Ash Remains- a Salamanders short story by Nick Kyme
Good tale. Nick Kyme really knows how to write short story prose... It reminds me of Necromunda... I have to read his longer works..

- Easy Prey- a Dark Angels short story by C Z Dunn
I really enjoy this story. This and Kharn story were the best. Probably the only worth the 0.99. And why? Cypher is in it. Brother Terach of the Dark Angels is helping the Inquisitor cleanse of a world they pass from hunters to hunted.... "I know the Emperor. This..." he gestured to the bolt riddled corpses of miner lying in the corner of the hub. "This is not his will."

- For The Fallen- a Crimson Fists short story by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

- The Weakness of Others- a Kharn the Betrayer short story by L J Goulding
This tale we follow Kharn the Betrayer and his neverending tally. We know about the Contest and his 1306 kills and in the end, a bit of information about his psychic and how he got his name of Betrayer. Really good.

- All Is Dust- a Thousand Sons short story by John French
This tale is quite... strange. I am sorry but I couldn't connect to him and I didn't enjoy the tale, even after reading twice.

- Evil Eye- a Commissar Yarrick short story by David Annandale
This tale is one of those stories that don't contribute anything to the overal story of some character. This story didn't had anything besides giving another reason for Yarrick to hate (more) the orks. I really enjoy the Yarrick novella but this one... bah... As I read this I thought the writer had to cut some words from his novella and bang.. this is it.

- Army of One- a Horus Heresy short story by Rob Sanders
This tale connects with James Swallow book Nemesis. That's my opinion but... I enjoy it. Unfortunally I have yet to read any HH book so...