Encontro com a Morte

Encontro com a Morte - José A. Lourenço, Agatha Christie This was not the best book by Agatha. By all means. First of all, Poirot only appears in half the book (100 of 210 pages) and the last 20 pages is the setting as Poirot tells them all how smart he is and how he cracked the murder.

So it seems, not all people had some motifs to kill the Matriach of a American family and the killer isn't who we are led to believe.

My main problem is that Agatha Christie was getting more and more discontent with Poirot and this book shows it. I understand. This lady as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are two examples that created some powerful characters that are more known than them. Everyone knows who is Sherlock Holmes but I bet that some people don't know who wrote the stories. The same happens with Poirot and Agatha Christie. I understand that this must me a pression to the writer... I really hope the last 10 books of Poirot are better than the last couple ones I read.

This book also had some interesting notions how Christie view the americans, jews or the beduins.

The story itself was quite good. A matriach keeps under her leash four (step)sons/daughters and they all want to leave her. Poirot hears in the beginning of the story two persons saying that "She must die, you understand?" and from that moment on we learn more of the family and several people they met as they travel to israel and arabian penisula. Is quite interesting, don't get me wrong. A psychodrama.

Not the best to start reading Poirot.