Hideaway - Dean Koontz Oh my. Another Dean Koontz novel. Everytime I pick one of his books up I know four or five things are going to happen.

1º There's always a puppy (in this one there wasn't - which surprised me)
2º The main characters are always perfect. They are always knights in shinning armour. They have no faults whatsoever. (In this book it was true)
3º The Evil doer is always Chaotic Evil. If this was Dungeons and Dragons the guy was that one guy that chaotic evil characters are afraid of. He is that evil.
4º Everything ends perfectly well. There are no loose ends. Every character realizes something and it's a better person (if it's possible).
5º Of course the last four point's make one point stand out. Lack of Characterization.

So, Hatch has an accident and a doctor reanimates him after 80 minutes. After returning to life he thinks he is crazy because he "dreams" another man dreams (or life for that matter). That evil guy I told you about starts dreaming as well. They share-bonding dreams.

Meanwhile, the main characters, which had lost a child five years before are currently adopting one (as perfect as her adopt parents).

The main narrative its about this I've told you. In the end there is a confrontation and If you read any other of his books you know how it ends. That's another reason I don't enjoy the books... So why read it?

Well, I think he can be a good writer and envelops us with the tale. But I really hope he could do better than he has done. Be more Stephen King in the style of tales. Not every book ends well in his books. The characters are made with strong and weaker aspects that are relevant to the tale. And you fear for your character. In Koontz tales I don't fear for any of my characters. Sorry. I remove the horror tag because of that aspect...

In the plus side, Vassago - the evil guy is the only one that I really enjoy reading about. Even if he is evil than evil.